The base of hairstyling comes from haircuts. Hair cut gives shape and structure for the hair style. Our team at Hair We ‘R’ is exceptionally well trained in cutting hair in different shapes according to what suits your face the best and what you preferences are. With huge collection of haircuts to choose from, you can pick your look and we can suggest changes in accordance to your face and preferences.


Right amount of nourishment and quality care can ensure healthy hair. You just feel great when your hair are healthy and glowing. We understand your hair better and with our expertise, try to provide you with the best services, changing your looks according to your choice and what shall suit you.

We know hair and their care is important and hence the products that we use are of best quality, coming from the leading brands. The services we provide include-
1. Rebonding
2. Smoothening
3. Kerati
4. Colouring
5. Highlighting

These leave you with picture perfect hair every day.


Looking good is a priority for every women and a good make up not only enhances the beauty but also the increases the confidence. We understand it better and provide best make up services for special occasions.

We know that you wish to look the prettiest on your special day, and so our professional makeup artists leave no stone unturned to give you your best look on your wedding. With international beauty products and our techniques we give you a glowing radiance, after all a good wedding requires a good looking bride.

Also available is our exclusive range of services according to the occasion at our salon.


Nail art and Nail extensions are the new trends in the field of beauty. We have nail extensions ranging from different shapes and sizes. Nail arts are available for various purposes, occasional with a very high durability and quality. Good nails show that you have perfection at your fingertips, and if you desire perfection we shall provide you with even more. From bucketful of designs and ideas you choose your favorite and we shall paint it. You can even bring your own designs for us to do on your nails.